An ambidextrous Sylvan Elf assassin, err, mercenary who always has someone else to blame


Strength 7 (3d6) Endurance 12 (4d6) Agility 21 (6d6) Charisma 7 (3d6) Luck 6 (3d6)
Intuition 10 (4d6) Logic 10 (4d6) Willpower 10 (4d6) Magic 12 (4d6) Reputation 14 (4d6)
Health 38 Speed 11 Jump 40’/7’ Soak 16
Carry 190 lb. / 350 lb. Initiative 6d6 Perception 7d6 Size Medium
Melee 38 (41 shield) Ranged 34 (37 shield) Mental 30 Vital 25
Swords 6 (3d6) Bows 3 (2d6) Gather Information 1 (1d6) Tactics 3 (2d6)
Running 3 (2d6) Climbing 1 (1d6) Acrobatics 3 (2d6) Hardy 3 (2d6)
Stealth 1 (1d6) Thievery 1 (1d6) Survival 8 (3d6) Perception 4 (2d6)
Alchemy 1 (1d6) Herbalism 1 (1d6) Concentration 8 (3d6) Spellcraft 3 (2d6)
Medium Armor 6 (3d6) Martial Arts 1 (1d6) Law 1 (1d6)
Languages Elven, Draconic, Taldane, Shanty and Varisian
Weapon Name Weight
Shortsword 7d6 (3d6 +3, piercing) Life Blood 3
Longbow 7d6 (2d6 +6, piercing, range: 18, 60 arrows) Suspicion 4
Scimitar 7d6 (3d6 +4 slashing, fire, light, luck) Malice 4
Magic 11 (4d6) Magic Points 60 (36 + 24 or 12)
Abjure 1 (1d6) Displace 1 (1d6) Divination 1 (1d6) Evoke 1 (1d6)
Heal 1 (1d6) Illude 1 (1d6) Infuse 1 (1d6) Move 1 (1d6)
Secrets Self Light Fire Life Lightning (from wand)

Doom’s Spellbook

Agile May substitute AGI for a career attribute
Fey Of Feyish origin
Healthy Immune to non-magical disease
Nature Affinity Can communicate with animals
Sylvan Elf Longevity Multiply career lengths by 4
Trance Does not sleep. May meditate instead
Tree-Dwellers Climb speed is equal to regular speed
Unimpeded Not affected or slowed by difficult terrain
Schooled Secret of light, 3 magic skills (Displace, Illude, Move)
Arcane Knowledge Base Secret of fire, 4 magic skills (Abjure, Evoke, Heal, Infuse)
Healing Potion Heal people 2d6 / day
Surprise Attack 2d6 extra damage if target unaware
Weak Point Ignore soak once per enemy
Deadly Strike 1d6 extra damage
Focus Spend one action to gain +1d6 bonus die to a magic rolls
Ambidextrous No -2d6 penalty when dual-wielding weapons
Young 1/day, exploding dice pool
Rapid Shot 2 shots at a single target in one action
Set in the Old Ways +5 Mental Defense
Quick Step Free action 5’ step, once per turn
Stop Right There Free attack if someone moves adjacent to me. If successful they stop.
Armored Mage 6 ranks medium armor, +2 soak
Keen Senses +1d6 perception
Gladiator’s Skills Quick Stand, Trip
Trip Causes downed condition, +1d6 if of smaller size than opponent
Quick Stand Immune to downed condition, stands as free action or reaction
Fiery Affinity Your focus on fire grants you +1d6 to any attribute check which interacts with fire or heat
Sticky Fire Every time you damage a foe with fire or heat damage, they gain the Burning condition
Defensive Stance You gain +4 to your Melee Defense
Extra Secret Life
Charge Don’t pay 2d6 for charging
Armour Weight
Mithral Exceptional Splint Mail, night camo (Soak: 14) 40
Mail coif (soak: +2) 1
Articulated gloves (defense +2) 1
Ring of Defence (defence +2 melee or range – uses reaction)
Sihedron Medallion (+1 defence for mental or vital uses action)
Metal throwing shield (defense +3 melee or range) 20
Item Lb. Item Lb. Item Lb. Item Lb.
Backpack 2 Wand 0 Whetstone 1 Clothes 4
Flask 0.5 Flint & Steel 0.5 Grappling hook 3 Alchemy kit (high quality) 4
Rope (hemp, 50’) 10 Thieves’ kit (high quality) 4 Waterskin 2
Elder Bean Tea (poison immunity 1 min) 1 Amulet
Total Weight 71 Coin Purse 2 gold 3 silver
Riding horse Carry: 1d6 * 10, Speed: 3d6 +2, 3d6, 2d6 +3
Career List
Wizard’s Apprentice Mage Alchemist Assassin Assassin Archer Barbarian
Man at Arms Mage Battle Mage Barbarian
Wish List
Item Weight
Disguise kit 4
Galea (Helm, no plume, soak: +2) 2


Doom hails from the Lowcleft district in the City of Monuments, Magnimar, roughly 50 miles west of Sandpoint.

  • Bold attributes have been switched due to Agile racial exploit.
Type Skill Skill Skill XP
Sylvan Elf Survival Bows Stealth 0
Wizard’s Apprentice Herbalism Alchemy 10
Mage Survival Concentration 20
Alchemist Acrobatics Concentration 30
Assassin Bows Swords 40
Assassin Thievery Swords 50
Archer Perception Bows 60
XP Purchase Hardy * 2 Tactics Running 15
Barbarian Hardy Swords 70
XP Purchase Climbing Spellcraft 6
Man at Arms Swords Survival 80
XP Purchase Acrobatics 3
Mage Survival Concentration 90
XP Purchase Gather Information Tactics 9
Battle Mage Survival Tactics 100
Barbarian Survival Swords 110
XP Purchase Spellcraft * 2 Martial Arts Magic (8) 42
Gladiator Concentration Swords 120
XP Purchase Magic (9) Perception (2) 33
Fire Mage Concentration Perception 130
Fire Mage Concentration Perception 140
Warrior Monk Concentration Survival 150
XP Purchase Acrobatics (2) Acrobatics (3) 15
XP Purchase Willpower (8) Willpower (9) 51
XP Purchase Law (1) Divination (1) 6
Inquisitor Concentration Survival 160
Exploit Purchase Charge 85
XP Purchase Run (2) Run (3) 15
  • Italic skills have been switched to defensive skills.


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