Llorelan ("Lor")

A young Sylvan Elf Druid who loves music

Race Sylvan Elf Size Medium Age 100 Grade 16
Patron Gozreh / The Druid XP 1585 / 1685
STR 2d6 (5) AGI 4d6 (14) END 5d6 (15) INT 5d6 (15) LOG 2d6 (4)
WIL 5d6 (16) CHA 2d6 (3) LUC 2d6 (4) REP 4d6 (12) MAG 5d6 (16)
Max Dice 9d6 Health 43 Speed 7 Jump 28’/5’
Perception 6d6 Initiative 7d6 Carry 220 / 250 lbs Soak 9 (Armour)
Defenses: Melee 33 (+4) Ranged 32 (+4) Mental 34 (+4) Vital 28 (+4)
nature 1d6 (1) transform 2d6 (3) enchant 1d6 (1)
bows 3d6 (6) summon 1d6 (1) move 2d6 (3)
stealth 2d6 (1) compel 1d6 (1) light armour 2d6 (3)
animal handling 1d6 (2) create 2d6 (3) perception 1d6 (1)
survival 3d6 (6) concentration 3d6 (6) abjure 2d6 (3)
staves 2d6 (3) dodging 3d6 (6) reactions 2d6 (3)
heal 2d6 (3) hardy 3d6 (6) run 1d6 (1)
spellcraft 2d6 (3) divine 2d6 (3)
Unarmed 4d6 (1d6+2 blunt)
Frostbow 9d6 (3d6+5 piercing/cold; range 18; High Damage, Frost Damage, Frost Criticals)
Longbow – Helsing 9d6 (2d6+5 piercing/good; range 27; Charitable, Undead Slayer, Misfortune, Difficult Terrain, Rangefinder, Mistletoe, Blessed)
Walking stick 8d6 (2d6+2 blunt)
Knife 4d6 (1d6+5 piercing; range 3; Thrown)
Hatchet 4d6 (2d6+2 slashing/blunt)
Agile May substitute AGI for a career attribute
Fey Is elfy.
Healthy Immune to non-magical disease
Nature Affinity Can communicate with animals
Sylvan Elf Longevity Multiply career lengths by 4
Trance Does not sleep. May meditate instead.
Tree-Dwellers Climb speed is equal to regular speed
Unimpeded Not affected or slowed by difficult terrain
Focus Action gives +1d6 to cast a spell
Arcane Secret (person) Knows the secret of Person (Humanoid)
Young Dice explode 1/day
Deadeye Ranged shot automatically hits 1/day
Fleet Speed +2 outdoors in a non-urban environment
Nature Priest Knows the secrets of Beasts and Plants
Arcane KB (water) Knows the secret of Water and 4 magical skills
Animal Companion Has an animal companion
Companion Link Telepathic link with animal companion
Beast Form Transform into a S or M animal 1 hour/day
Greater Beast Form Transform into a T, S, M or L animal 2 times & 2 hours per day
Attune Implement A magical implement gains one level of quality
Beast Form Beast Form can be used 2/day for 2 hours total
Draw a Bead No penalty for shooting into melee at least 10’ away
Rapid Shot Fire two shots in one action
Aim Action gives +1d6 to ranged attack
Iron Will
Magic Resistance (daily choice) Soak 5 (magic)
Inquisitor’s Mask +4 Mental Defense; divination spells vs. me take -1d6 penalty
Escape Artist Escape from any restraints or open a lock 1/day
Trip Called shot (no penalty) for Downed; +1d6 if target is Large
Beast Plant Water Person

Lor’s Spellbook

Common Elven Sylvan Goblin Druidic
Total weight 63 lbs Money 7725.7 gc
Travelling clothes Amulet charges (12) Blanket Rope
Snakeskin armour Arrows (144) Flint & steel Rations (10)
Leather cap Arrows – silver (6) Waterskin Foxglove Leather
Leather demi-gauntlets Arrows – barbed (extra Bleed crit) (20) Hatchet Longbow – Helsing
Longbow – Helsing Arrows – giant slayer (12) Whetstone Frostbow
Walking stick Arrows – dragon slayer (2) Oil flask Bracers of Archery
Knife Rod of Magic Missiles (countdown) (3) Compass Bracers of Greater Archery
Holy symbol (pendant) Scroll of Arctic Blast (8 MP) (8) Holy symbol (old)
Mistletoe (bow) Everburning torch (6) Mount – Perfect Storm
Amulet of Glorious Repute Backpack Climbing gear

Lor & Blaidd
Theme song

  • Born into a clan of feral elves in the Mierani Forest
  • Recruited by a wandering druid and learned the secrets of nature
  • Worked to protect the Mierani Forest from monsters and interlopers
  • Spent 12 years at the Twilight Academy in Galduria
  • Travelled to various places, fighting unnatural threats to nature and promoting environmentalism
  • Fond of music and often whistles or sings while working, travelling, etc.
  • Animal companion is a large dog named Blaidd
  • Went to Sandpoint to attend the ceremony to consecrate the new Cathedral
Career Yrs. XP Exploits Attributes Skills
Race: Sylvan Elf (all) +2 AGI +2 END +2 MAG nature bows stealth
Origin Primitive 56 10 Fleet STR AGI END INT animal handling survival
Career 2 Druid 8 20 Nature Priest AGI INT WIL MAG staves heal
Career 3 Mage 12 30 Arcane KB (water) AGI LOG REP MAG heal spellcraft transform summon compel create
Career 4 Druid 8 40 Animal Companion AGI INT WIL MAG animal handling heal
Career 5 Druid 16 50 Companion Link AGI INT WIL MAG concentration dodging
Aim/Feint/Focus Focus
Universal Exploit Arcane Secret (person)
Age Exploit Young
Trait Deadeye
REP awards +7 REP
Career 6 Druid 60 Beast Form END INT WIL MAG transform dodging
Career 7 Druid 70 Greater Beast Form END INT WIL MAG transform dodging
Skill increases 30 bows concentration hardy enchant move
Career 8 Druid 80 Attune Implement END INT WIL MAG survival concentration
Skill increases 21 spellcraft light armour perception
Career 9 Druid 90 Beast Form END INT WIL MAG survival divine
Skill increases 21 hardy abjure reactions
Career 10 Druid 100 Draw a Bead END INT WIL MAG survival concentration
Skill increases 21 bows light armour run
Career 11 Archer 110 Rapid Shot STR AGI LUC REP bows light armour
Skill increases 75 survival concentration hardy
Career 12 Druid 120 Aim AGI INT WIL MAG survival concentration
Skill increases 12 bows divine abjure
Career 13 Druid 130 Iron Will END INT WIL MAG divine abjure
Skill increases 45 Magic Resistance staves create dodging reactions
Career 14 Druid 140 Inquisitor’s Mask END INT WIL MAG staves create
Career 15 Druid 150 Escape Artist AGI END WIL MAG dodging move
Career 16 Druid 160 Trip AGI END WIL MAG dodging move

Llorelan ("Lor")

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